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Design Flexibility

Unlike the vast majority of prefabricated building manufacturers who only offer a frequently limited range of designs for you to choose from . . . . .

We don’t!

(Why should anyone be dependent on having a house that was designed for someone else, and for a totally different plot and location anyway?)

Your dream home won't be found in any brochure . . . Your dream home hasn't been designed yet! 
So to ensure your vision is fulfilled . . . . .
We manufacture and supply to your design, not ours.
Our steel-frame prefabricated homes and buildings are not limited to pre-designed or pre-sized modules.  -  There are no design or size restrictions.

Nor are they limited to unimaginative design, styles and 'basic boxes' . . . . .

Big house

95% of homes and buildings we currently manufacture, are bespoke to the individual client's personal requirements, specifications and design.

The other 5% having been a range of pre-designed buildings, including various style and size houses and villas, and other than these very few exceptions, the remainder being primarily for social housing, temporary housing, vacation chalets, commercial use and 'modular or container' applications etc.

Welcome to the freedom of having your own design.

Total Design Flexibility. . . . even for the supply of  ‘one-off’ house or villa projects.

(For your possible interest, a new range of pre design villas and homes is now being introduced. - Please see the ‘Vinnicci Collection’ under ‘Pre design’) 


Freedom for the Style of House you want.


Although the global trend is very much towards 'modern and contemporary' styles . . . that doesn't mean it applies to everyone, and everywhere, as you will see from the included examples.

iPrefab Global's prefabricated house constructions really do meet the requirements and desires of themost discerning and varied of clients, world-wide.

With this quality and freedom of expression, isn’t it time to start imagining how your new prefabricated steel-frame home could be?

Take a look through our Inspiration Gallery, then why not Contact us, for further information or advice.