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The primary elements of our prefabricated buildings are made of High-strength corrosion-resistant cold-formed steel, that can be used with confidence in any part of the world, with the construction elements having been fully developed, tested and approved and independently certified. (e.g. ISO 9001: 2008, EN1090-1, TEK10 etc.)

(ISO 9001:2008 is an example of a Quality Management System.)

When combined, the various elements can create a wide spectrum of building shapes and can be adapted to suit any plans, designs, creative uninterrupted floor space or end-user’s requirements.

iPrefab Global steel-frame structures are based on a professional U.S. technique, providing a quick and economical building solution, (even for large buildings, with direct span capabilities of 15m-50m) and with standing-seam technology for secure waterproof roofs.

Our steel frame structures carry a 50 year Warranty, and incorporate a 50 year design period.


Our high specification prefabricated panellised and modular houses can be supplied to be seismic (earthquake) and cyclone/wind (e.g. hurricane) zone compliant, and with snow-loading capabilities.

External Walls 

Are both substantial and high performance, made and assembled using an advanced technology system producing a structure that can face whatever time, weather and nature can produce, and are available with a wide selection of insulation and load strength qualities and capabilities.

They are generally available in three overall thickness dimensions:
150mm (6"), 190-200mm (7.5") and 240mm (9.5") (Excluding additional finishes etc.)

Just as everything about your house or project, these are all bespoke manufactured, and will be produced to any specified requirements that may be different to these.



Our panels contain no voids, and within each are various combinations and specifications / density / compression of insulation materials, (Rockwool, XPS etc) PE Vapour barriers, windproof and waterproof membranes, MGO and Fibre Cement Boards etc., all combining to produce not just incredibly strong walls, but producing an energy efficient structure, with no cold bridges.


Internal walls, floors, roof and terraces.

Internal walls are generally between 100mm and 170mm (4.0” - 6.8”) in thickness (always subject to individual requirements, structural / architectural specifications and end-uses) and just as all floor, roof, terraces and ceiling panels, are similarly well insulated, both thermally and acoustically.


Fire Resistance

Frequently either over-looked or taken for granted by many, (although not by our engineers or architects) are the very important fire resistant qualities and capabilities of all structural materials used.
The multi-layer sandwich format combines to form a very rigid structure, and with the Rockwool insulation, providing both excellent insulation and equally importantly, internal fire resistant qualities.
The external fibre cement board has passed fireproof tests of 120 minutes by SGS UK. (The EU standard is 30 minutes.) - Providing a total fire capacity/resistance for the entire wall of 3.5 hours.

Year-round Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and comfort are key priorities in all iPrefab Global homes and buildings.
Structurally designed and formed to remain internally warm and comfortable in winter, and similarly comfortably and consistently cool in summer, whatever and wherever the location.

The location and end-use always being important considerations and factors, and subject to the specifications requested, very low U-factors and accordingly high R-values can be achieved as applicable  and for more extreme conditions.

Ensuring non of the benefits of this high specification technology in our structures is wasted, the inclusion of our high quality thermal-break double glazed (or optional triple glazed) windows and doors all combine to ensure your comfort and energy efficiency is maintained.

Cold bridges, humidity, internal damp and mildew-forming spores are now a thing of the past.
Perfect for a far healthier year-round living environment.
And of even greater benefit for those with any respiratory issues.

Guaranteed to make everyone smile!
  • Rapid completion time
  • Up to 40% cost reduction (over ‘traditional build’) 
  • High Energy Efficiency (High R values - Low U values)
  • 50 Year Steel-frame Warranty & Design Period
  • Supplied / delivered to site ‘to include everything’
  • Minimal labour period = Reduced costs
  • Requires no large or specialised labour force
  • Hi-spec thermal and acoustic insulation as standard
  • Factory completed panels - No on-site degeneration
  • No damp or cold bridges
  • Minimal waste clearance / on-site debris
  • Manufactured from ‘traditional build’ AutoCAD files
  • 100% Personal Design Flexibility & Specifications
  • Certifications include ISO 9001: 2008, EN1090-1 & TEK10
  • For ALL global and climatic conditions (From tropics to snow)
  • Hurricane & Earthquake Zone compliancy (if required.)

Cost Economy


Comparative costs around the world understandably vary with local economies.

Although from a purely financial aspect, we have yet to find any location where equivalent ‘like for like’ quality and specifications are more economic.

That is important. It’s all too easy to be quoted an m2 rate for a turnkey house, without really being aware of the standards, quality and specifications that will be achieved, or indeed exactly quite how much else is included / provided.

A cost saving of up to 40% over traditional building methods is not uncommon, and that is with our assured quality and quoted specifications.

Meaning you have the option to save money on your original design and constructed sizes. Or build bigger for the same cost.

(Lower overall cost of course also means lower interest payments. - I.e. When borrowing / funding is required.)

Time Economy


From finalised plans (and our approved detailed quotation) to completion, can frequently be achieved in 21 - 26 weeks. (This is an average, and of course subject to the individual project). It could even be less.

But in any event, far, far quicker than a similar concept project constructed in the ‘traditional way’. I.e. bricks, blocks and concrete.

For many, just the shortened wait to the completion of their new home is a huge bonus.

For those where funding is involved, any interest period is greatly reduced. And for others that are seeking a return on investment, (ROI) then the opportunities for this can be achieved far more quickly.

Be it through off-plan sales, turnkey sales, or rental returns.

Speed also alleviates the opportunity for those seemingly unavoidable ‘hidden extra’s’ too, that are frequently added over the many months (and years!) with traditional buildings methods.

The Cost


As every house we supply is individually manufactured and will be addressing varying global conditions, there can obviously be no 'fixed' price.

And of course the various specifications levels of internal fixtures and fitments need to be considered.  But our calculations start primarily from the m2 / sq.ft constructed size, combined with the required specification levels and number of building levels.

As an example, a starting guide price for the manufacture and supply an individual, very basic design and specification single level 200m2 (2,150 sq.ft) home, could theoretically be from around +/- €450 / m2. (US$ 49.00 / sq.ft.)
(This more ‘basic’ finish essentially applicable to more specific global locations / locally applicable 'first time buyer' markets.

Most clients however, would want higher than just basic specifications, insulation levels, fixtures and fittings etc.

To include a few more luxury extras, for a good quality ‘mid-range’ level prices could be in the region of +/- €530 - €680 / m2 (US$ 58.00 - US$ 74.00 / sq.ft) when subject to various structural details and specifications.

These prices possibly rising above these figures when more individual high-end or ‘designer label’ items are required. (All figures are for guide purposes only, and are FOB, ex.taxes)

Our recently launched 'Havana Villa' is an excellent example however of what can be achieved with imagination for a 'budget price', yet still of excellent mid-range quality. 
A contemporary design villa of 216m2, (2,325 sq.ft) built over 2 levels, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, numerous terraces, stylish bespoke kitchen . . . . why not contact us with your location, and be in for a very pleasant surprise. 

If you have an idea of the size you want, the above figures will at least allow you to start to get some initial idea.
Once we know more we will guide and advise you accordingly. - But rest assured, our target is always to keep costs down to meet your budget wherever possible.

Numerous factors as mentioned, can and do play a part in the final calculated price.
Apart from your own bespoke requirements, there are architectural structural load requirements, and also those relating to particular global climatic and geological conditions. E.g. seismic, wind and snow.

Not necessarily having a big impact on the overall m2 / sq.ft price, but still requiring to be considered and addressed.

So please do be prepared for some possible variation in these guides, especially when speaking with your local associate, who will have more specific information relating to your location. 

(To Manufacture Your House)


All we initially require for the manufacture and supply of your project, are the final plans, (full specification) or .dwg files (AutoCAD’s) that have been prepared for any form of construction. (Brick, block and concrete for example.)

So if your architect has already prepared your final plans, with the appropriate required structural specifications, you are ready for your project to become a steel-frame prefabricated construction.

Nothing special, additional or unique is required in your house design plans. (See ‘Architects’)

Through our Advanced Software Design Programs we produce and provide all the relevant technical transpositions required to turn those plans into what is necessary for us to manufacture your home as a high quality, high structural specification steel-frame prefabricated construction.

A structure that has been specifically designed and calculated for a minimum period of 50 years.

Although not necessarily required immediately, we will require any plans and specifications for the likes of your bespoke design kitchen for example. In due course, all other chosen / requested materials, equipment and finishes for you house.


Advanced Prefabrication


With the individual panels in most instances being completely pre-formed in the factory, assembly is simple, fast and safe, with the advanced manufacturing design allowing for rapid completion to a sealed and secure stage.

All elements incorporating low-tech, fail-safe industry-recognised locking mechanisms.
The modular panels include electric trunking, back boxes and plumbing pre-installed to your architectural plans, and in many instances, window units as well, all combined ensuring even greater speed and efficiency on site.

As a result of this advanced level of pre-assembly and quality control system at the point of manufacture, less specialised labour is required during the construction process, and accordingly reduces dependency on increasingly scarce (and more expensive) local specialist skilled labour.

Projects are overseen, guided and assisted by one of our Chief Engineers.
The rapid completion period also ensures projects are not governed, dependent or restricted by 'working / weather seasons'


Small sizes


We do not generally supply on an individual (i.e. one-off) basis, any villa / house project of less than 120m2 Living area.

This is primarily to ensure maximum economy for our clients, with smaller sizes unavoidably resulting in higher m2 rates. -
Small houses understandably requiring many of the same key elements as their larger counterparts. I.e. Kitchens, bathrooms, electrics, staircases etc.

Small sizes are therefore normally only supplied for multi-unit developer projects.

With every project and location being different however, please feel free to contact us for greater information and advice on your own specific requirements or intentions.
We will be pleased to guide, advise and assist in any way we can, maybe suggesting ways of achieving maximum economy and benefit that had not been considered. 


(In our Manufacture & Supply FOB price)

  • Site preparation (inc. Topography and geotechnic reports)
  • Foundations (Slab, strip, ‘Surefoot' etc.)
  • Sub-levels
  • Landscaping, swimming pools, boundary walls
  • Shipping (CIF guide quote after final plans received)
  • Architects - Designs, plans, AutoCAD’s / .dwg files
  • Planning Application / fees, local planning management
  • Import Duty, IVA/VAT
  • Chief Engineer
  • Construction, installations, finishing, etc


With every project, we will assist, advise, and undertake arrangements with appropriate sub-contractors for entire projects if requested.
(This often being more applicable for clients non- resident in the location of their project.)
However, non of the above will be included in our own Manufacture & Supply quotation.
All other work and services will be quoted for independently after we have been commissioned.

Non of the listed items or services can easily be generalised for any guide costing, without a reasonable amount of initial information.
Our specialist advisers will be pleased to discuss and explain all the various elements with you, relating to your individual project and location.
As with all of our process, although nothing is complicated, we do want all of our client’s to be aware of all from the outset.

Please note: No ground-works related tasks can ever be quoted for in advance, by either ourselves, or indeed specialist contractors.

This being applicable to site preparation, any excavations, foundations and if applicable, sub-level construction, landscaping, swimming pools, service connections etc.

- It is impossible for anyone (even specialist contractors) to know what is ‘below the surface’, without the appropriate geotechnic surveys.



Prefabricated construction relates to everything above ground, not below.

In most instances, your home will based on a standard slab foundation, (most projects 150mm / 6”*) or in some cases, strip and beam foundations. (Required for all perimeter walls and any internal supporting walls.)
For certain applications / special requests, excavation-free ‘Surefoot’ foundation systems can often be ustilised - See below.

Subject to any less than average design features and geotechnic reports, any additional load-bearing point requirements will be advised by us, once all structural analysis has been carried out.

Any sub-levels will also be formed in concrete with appropriate retaining walls.

In this instance, inner elements / walls can also be supplied as steel-frame prefabricated units, as can a fully insulated steel-frame floor for the main level of the house.

All additional components, staircases, windows, (if applicable) fixtures and fittings etc, can also be supplied for sub-levels.

As an alternative to a concrete slab foundation, ’Surefoot' foundations systems, requiring absolutely no excavation, can also be employed, with again in this instance, the inclusion of a fully insulated steel-frame floor.
(Please contact us for additional information.)

This method can be used for all sizes of constructions, (including fully modular) and locations, and can be completed ready for construction to commence, in literally days.

For locations where ‘permanent’ buildings are not permitted by local authorities, (I.e. a location where excavation and a concrete foundation is understandably classed as ‘permanent’) the opportunity for zero foundations can also prove to be an ideal solution. The ground below the house remaining virtually ‘untouched’. (Surefoot systems can also be cleanly removed leaving little or no sign of disturbance.)

Please check with your architect or local planning authority. More information can be supplied on request.

- For reference, and essentially applicable to concrete slabs, our constructions weigh on average, only 25% of that of traditional ‘brick, block and concrete'.

* Subject to design, topography and geotechnic survey reports.


iPrefab Global specialists are at your service

We are committed to helping you every step of the way. - From start to finish . . . . and beyond.

Constantly aware, that as with the manufacture of your home, every customer is totally individual.

After our initial communication and information, we are pleased to continue providing consultancy services to advise and assist you in your choice of design, materials, options, standards and specifications, always considering what is most applicable to your project requirements and location.
We will of course be happy to explain the necessary formalities and stages related to prefabricated house construction.
Maybe introduce you to independent architects. In short, whatever is needed.

When necessary or requested, we will also look forward to the opportunity of an informal face to face meeting. (With more global associates being appointed, maybe there is one near you already.)

Finally, we request you kindly appreciate, that just as we are totally committed to you, once we reach a point of having provided a guide price for your specific project, and that is deemed ‘in principal’ to be acceptable by you to continue working with us, we may then possibly request a minimal commitment from yourselves, for our continued Consultancy, Advisory and any required Technical services*.

This will be minimal, and will not form any part of a Purchase Contract, but it will be fully deductible from any final purchase price.
(* For example, Structural Design and Analysis.)