prefab houses

prefabricated houses

prefabrated homes

prefab homes

Fire your imagination with some of these varied ideas and concepts!

No-one wants to be the same.
And why should you be, when there is opportunity for your prefabricated house to be totally unique and individual?

Many start the process of planning a new house, with some already very fixed ideas their mind.

For others?
Maybe a few thoughts of the main rooms they want. But frequently nothing much else.
Requiring some guidance and suggestions, but confident that . . . .“They’ll know it when they see it”!

Our Inspiration Gallery isn’t there for any one house to be ‘copied’ or selected. - So don’t be concerned if there isn’t one you want or like.
(They are all personal copyright designs anyway.)

Although if any provides an outline idea or design feature to then let your architect start to do his (or her) work, then fine.
(Maybe some styles will help to define what you don’t want as well!)

They are all styles and designs essentially to fire your imagination.

From an entire style concept, to just one small feature.

Maybe a double-height living area with a flying bridge?

An enclosed courtyard possibly, or large covered portico. The use of contrasting materials . . .

        . . . . This is where your journey becomes exciting.      Enjoy the experience!