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So with your new ideas and dreams, now it’s time to put all the various features and ideas together, and with the help of an architect, start to turn them into reality.

Your own architect? - We always recommend the use of your own selected architect for your prefabricated building project.
(In some locations and countries, it is a legal condition to use a nationally registered architect.)

We will be pleased to introduce you to a few in your own area if required.
(Without obligation of course.)
In addition to the obvious ease and speed of communication and liaison working locally, they always have very useful local knowledge, contacts and advice.
And with no knowledge of our system and methods being required by local architects, that also includes the freedom to choose and appoint your own preferred one.

Or ours? - We can (where applicable and acceptable) offer our own full architectural design and technical calculation services, with our own leading specialist architects, enabling your imagination (and project) to be rapidly realised and turned into reality.

We can even offer 2D and 3D visualisations to bring your ideas to life in their early stages. (see 2D & 3D)


Free Appraisal



So you have some ideas and plans already? 

Whatever stage you are at, be it outline floor plans and elevations,  professional plans, or best of all as they will be needed eventually, .dwg files, (AutoCad’s) from your architect, please send them to us for an initial FREE APPRAISAL

Hand-prepared sketches are useful for our initial reference, and to some sort of scale is definitely benficial.  
Much as we will try to give you some sort of 'professional opinion', we cannot however provide any sort of guide quotation from these. 

After our early assessment, we will always tell you if you have sufficient for us to work from, or if not, we can try to help and advise the easiest way to achieve it.
(Maybe in the first instance through our in-house design consultancy.)
The greater the information you can provide for us from the outset, both in terms of plans and your requirements, the easier it will be for us to guide and advise you, and provide an initial idea of a guide cost for your project.  



But please, do not simply tell us: “We want 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a lounge"! . . . And still expect prices.
We cannot start to enter into any guide references, with such minimal information.   -   In the first instance, and at the very least, size matters!

For your reference:
Full structural and load specifications, (including local wind and seismic information) and detailed .dwg files / AutoCAD's will be required for accurate quotations, (BOQ) and accordingly for final transposition through our technical design department, in preparation for steel-frame prefabricated construction.

2D and 3D

Bring your ideas to life with 2D and 3D Visualisation (CGI’s)


Working plans are the primary requirement of every prefabricated house project. 
For the vast majority however, trying to imagine and fully appreciate what these flat collection of lines and measurements relate to as regards their new dream home, is a total impossibility. 
How your kitchen will look for example? 
Or how the size of furniture will fit, just makes the task even more daunting. 
When it's a project for yourself, even when you have played a major part in it's design, it can be hard enough to imagine and visualise.


For a developer, selling the design or concept to a stranger, it becomes even more difficult. 

 The use of either 2D or 3D floor plans (and lifelike 3D elevations) is an instant solution. . . . . And they are not expensive either! 
Even the simplest of plans can be brought to life, and immediately appreciated. 
This is the moment when those long awaited dreams of your prefabricated home,  development or modular building project really do start to become a reality.



It's isn't just about the exterior design and appearance, or the structural quality either.  -  Interiors are just as important to us.  (And you of course.)

Subject to where you are located, the interior is after all, where the vast majority of many of us spend a high percentage of our time.

For many, the interior is something very personal and invariably undertaken by yourself, once the architect has achieved all the features you require.


For those looking for additional inspiration, there are many more examples under our ‘Included’ section, which should also fire your imagination.

Or of course, why not not leave all in the hands of professional interior designers?

Once again we will be pleased to advise and assist, and introduce your to some to put that final flair of creativity and the finishing touches into your new prefabricated home.