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More Possibilities

There is far more to iPrefab Global than just bespoke (design to order) prefabricated huses and villas.

The vast majority of both private client's and developers, having decided to embark on a new house build, already have some very definite ideas about their new home or development project requirements and style.

But for those possibly with less time, less imagination, or less specific requirements, they want the simplicity and opportunity to look through and choose from a selection of ‘'PRE DESIGN’ homes.

(It is worth mentioning that from experience and without exception, someone always requests something to be changed to suit their plot or lifestyle!  - But maybe these will also provide a good starting point.)

Covering all aspects of commercial development. From steel-frame prebaricated apartments blocks of all shapes, sizes, designs, (and heights) to retail units, warehouse and storage facilities.

And of course within this sector is the Vacation Market.
Be it hotels, both large and small, to motels, and holiday / vacation chalets and prefabricated homes. 

Combined with both commercial and residential, is the Low-end mass volume market. 
Generally catering for temporary housing, first time buyers / economic housing, Government housing and sheltered accommodation.

MODULAR Construction:  
Last, but by no means least.
Addressing a very different, extremely rapid, end user requirement.
But by no means limited or restricted in end design or application.
No commonly in use for high quality hotels, housing, student accommodation . . . . .


The Vinnicci Collection is a select range of very individual and contemporary design prefabricated homes, in various sizes and configurations.
A few examples of which are shown below.
As with any project we manufacture, specification levels can all be individually selected.
Accordingly, and along with any locally implied regulations and specifications that may be required, there are no 'fixed' prices.
As with any project, be it bespoke or pre-designed, outline guide costs will be provided for you at the earliest opportunity.

(Please be aware, that even with a 'pre-design', subject to your global location, local regulations and numerous technical elements, (Design Parameters: Loads, and Thermal Parameters: U-values etc) an architect will almost certainly be required at some point in the process of planning and building your dream home.) 

Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements, and we will look forward to the opportunity of guiding and advising you in all aspects of your prefabricated house project. 

iPrefab Global are also well suited to addressing the requirements of both commercial clients and residential developers.
This being for both larger size prefabricated buildings, including multi-level, and also larger scale multi-unit housing projects.

From steel-frame prefabricated warehouses, to luxury hotels, apartments, commercial units, medical facilities, holiday camp sites and vacation resorts to name but a few.

Please contact us to discuss your project, to learn how best we can not just assist, but bring your project to a rapid completion. 

In addition to steel-frame prefabricated house with advanced stage fully prefabricated panels, (the basis for the vast majority of our construction projects) in situations where exceptionally rapid completion is required, possible re-siting is necessary, temporary housing solutions, or where terrain and climate is prohibitive, (as a project in Antarctica) pre-manufactured and fully fitted-out modular buildings are the perfect solution.

In addition, where planning restrictions prohibit 'permanant structures', modular houses and buildings could be a high quality solution.   

Capable of being delivered, sited and operational, in a very short space of time.

And very importantly, no longer restricted to looking like shipping containers!

These can be from a single level individual modular building, to multi-level projects.

Maybe multi-unit modular buildings, joined together forming various shapes, and all in various levels of finish style and design . . . from the basic, to that for student apartments, or even for a luxury 4* hotel.

Modular buildings are obviously ideal for vacational use, and with the flexibility of style, size and specification levels, with a little imagination, frequently now applied for permanent living use as well.